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Literacy Café

CAFE is an acronym for Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, and Expanding Vocabulary, and the system includes goal-setting with students in individual conferences, posting of goals on a whole-class board, developing small group instruction based on clusters of students with similar goals, and targeting whole-class instruction based on emerging student needs and fine tuning one on one conferring.

 Strategies used by powerful readers have been identified in each category and are used to provide timely differentiated instruction for every student in our care. CAFE is a system of goal setting based on assessments and one-on-one conferring sessions, as well as a system for providing focused, intentional, differentiated instruction and a method for easily monitoring progress. CAFE provides the content to the Daily 5 structure, and helps ensure that our students will meet National Benchmarks.

 The CAFÉ system supports teachers as they:

·   organize assessment data so it truly informs instruction.

·   track each student’s strengths and goals, thereby maximising time with the student

·  create flexible groups of students, all focused on a specific reading strategy

·  and help students remember and retrieve the reading strategies they learned.

The CAFÉ menu is a collection of highly effective reading strategies that the students will be taught to use, to help them become better readers.  They are organized into four goals:

  • C is for Comprehension: I understand what I read.

  • A is for Accuracy: I can read the words.

  • F is for Fluency: I can read smoothly, with expression.

  • É is for Expanding Vocabulary: I know, find, and use interesting words.


 Port Curtis Road students set the bar high for future

 Port Curtis Road State School Year 3 and Year 5 students have set the standard for future students after achieving above national standards for this year's Naplan test.
The school's Year 3 and Year 5 students sat the recent Naplan tests and last week celebrated their top results after it was revealed school's Year 3 and Year 5 students sat the recent Naplan tests and last week celebrated their top results after it was revealed that over all areas of Naplan for both year levels: 79% of the students performed above national minimum standards.
Individually both grades achieved high results with 100% of students preforming at or above the national minimum standard for Numeracy, with 72% of these students scoring in the upper two bands of this area.
The Year 5 cohort also obtained applaudible results, with 100% of the students performing at or above the national minimum standard for Numeracy.
But these students aren't all numbers and equations with both grades excelling the reading and writing section of the test with 100% or Year 3 and Year 5 students performed at or above nation minimum stares in reading, spelling, punctuation and grammar.
A creditable 95% of the Years 3 and 5 cohort achieved at or above nation minimum standards in writing.
The Port Curtis Road State School community stands united in the belief that "every day counts and every child matter" and ensures the school's vision sees each student challenged to strive toward excellence as opposed settling for mediocrity.
Published by The Morning Bulletin 29th August 2016.


Achieving 100% on any exam is a feat rarely accomplished by even the most gifted of students. Not so for Georgia Horspool, a year 5 student from Port Curtis Road State School, Rockhampton, who along with the entire school community is celebrating this remarkable achievement on the recent Year 5 Naplan Reading Test. Georgia, now belongs to an elite group of Australian students who can boast having answered the entire Year 5 Naplan Reading test correctly- achieving a milestone few others have. When asked to comment on her Naplan success she responded by saying that her love of reading and English generally assisted her greatly in completing the test. Georgia’s outstanding Naplan effort is not merely restricted to Reading; her results in Numeracy, Writing and Language Conventions all place her well above the National average in the Upper Two Bands of each of these areas.

Port Curtis Road State School is a small school of only 60 students and 2kms from the Yeppen Roundabout, on the southern outskirts of Rockhampton.  The Year 3,5 & 7 students have achieved positive Naplan results this year which is great to see.   

School Principal Mrs Julianne Emmert indicated that the school’s priority now lay in ensuring all students made improvements and more students attained results that placed them in the Upper two bands of each Naplan strand. She stated that the school’s philosophy is such that students are encouraged to not settle for mediocrity when excellence is within their grasp.

Written by Mr John Collins (Published in The Morning Bulletin)