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Mission and values

Values Education at Port Curtis Road State School.

The term 'values education' refers to the education of children about the values which are set forth as being a solid standard for living one's life. Values are basically the principles and fundamental convictions which act as general guides to behaviour, the standards by which particular actions are judged to be good, worthwhile or desirable.

They are the ideals that give significance to our lives, they are reflected through the priorities we choose and that which we act on consistently and repeatedly.

Here at Port Curtis Road State School our Values Education is centred on our motto of “Play the Game”, aligned to commitment and enacted upon through respect.

Play the game



Through ‘playing the game’ students are encouraged to show care towards others, to grow in confidence, to co-operate, to build determination, to demonstrate fairness in their endeavours and interactions, to display pride in that which they do and at all times to do their very best.

Commitment is achieved through developing students’ ability to demonstrate patience, to display perseverance, to act independently, to be steadfast and resolute in their beliefs and actions, to demonstrate enthusiasm and above all to strive towards excellence.

Respect is encouraged through actively promoting loyalty, a sense of responsibility, trustworthiness, honesty, thoughtfulness and tolerance.